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Goals and Objectives

You will be able to -

  • comprehend and analyze information from various sources (textbooks, the Internet, newspapers etc.)
  • convey ideas and information both orally and in writing in an organized and accurate manner using appropriate vocabulary.
  • comprehend and interpret selected works of literature in English. 
  • work both individually and cooperatively in pairs and groups.
  • master test-taking strategies and apply them on the the Bagrut examination


  • Reading Comprehension: drawing inferences, integrating information and understanding details, main ideas, tone and point of view
  • Literature: Understanding and writing about setting, structure, tone, themes, narrative voice and character development
  • Grammar: understanding and using phrasal verbs, contrasting native language/English language use of passive tenses, understanding time references in tenses, describing habits with tenses other than the present simple, using auxiliary verbs for emphasis
  • Vocabulary: understanding and using words and phrases related to the themes in the units in your textbook and in literary works
  • Listening Comprehension: understanding details and main ideas in a dialogue, lecture, phone call, or other auditory communications
  • Extensive reading: improving fluency through the independent reading of 3 books
  • Writing: Bagrut requirements for writing - expressing an opinion, describing people, places and events, writing a formal letter and presenting two sides of an argument
  • Oral Presentation: improving the fluency and accuracy of your spoken English for an interview and a speech. 

Books and Resources

  1. Oxford Student Dictionary – English-English-Hebrew.
  2. Extensive reading books from the school library
  3. Cutting Edge, Advanced – Student’s book, workbook and phrase builder
  4. Grammar in Focus
  5. Supplementary materials, including short stories, both mock and real Bagrut examinations and articles from newspapers, magazines and online websites.  



Assessment*:                                                        Grade:

Examinations                                                              40%

Quizzes                                                                   30%

Writing assignments                                                  20%

Extensive reading                                                      10%


*Percentages may change slightly in accordance with the number of quizzes/assignments given during the semester.



The school grade (tzion magen). As students in a gifted class, you learn at a higher level than is demanded by the Ministry of Education. Therefore you will be compensated for your efforts in your school grade. However, one component of that grade is attitude. Students who don’t hand in work, participate and attend class regularly will be penalized just as they would in a regular class. Remember - effort counts!